Ice Cube Unleashes His Wrath on Twitter, He Refuted the “sellout” accusations

todayJuly 13, 2023

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(GEMS RADIO)- Ice Cube had a meeting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently and later they took a photo together, which sparked a lot of criticism online. His critics were accusing him of selling out. However, he denied the accusations and emphasized the photo op wasn’t an endorsement.

Ice Cube’s Controversial Photos

He shared the problematic photos on Monday July 10. Twitter users had a hot discussion about how Robert F. Kennedy referred to Ice Cube as one of the most vocal and persuasive civil rights leaders in the country and why Ice Cube met with the provocative politician.

The post got almost four million views within three days as Twitter users shared their opinions about the photo op. Ice Cube did not respond immediately because he was busy dealing with another online debate about who is the better story teller between him and The Notorious B.I.G. He pointed out he has a bigger portfolio and he is not limited to music but he also tells stories through movies.

It’s Not an Endorsement

He went on an angry twitter rant responding to some of the comments below his post.

“For all the simple-minded short bus people out there.” Ice Cube Wrote on July 12. “A picture is not an endorsement, dummy. Now get your ass over to bungalow 51 and S###.”

One of his diehard fans commented that the rapper disappointed him and he inquired what Ice Cube’s mission was.

Ice responded that:

“Sellout? I work for myself,” he replied. “I’m self-made. How do you feed your family??? How much do you sell your time for per hour on your job?

Another user commented that she was sad when she watched an interview where Ice Cube looked as crazy as Kanye. Ice Cube replied that “Dirty bitch, you ain’t sad.”

He even attacked the bots

“Bots are b###### that need to be checked too. Don’t take no s### from no f##### robots,” he twitted.

Chuck D Defended Ice Cube

Chuck D came through for his fellow artist

“Know this fact,” He explained. Ice Cube “has gone into every one of these ‘industries’ many of the masses worship… on HIS own rule and as his OWN MAN. A game that’s twisted many into demise. Not him. Know that. Seen the same dude since the day I met him. He KNOWS who he is. Know who YOU are.”

The rapper will be vying for presidency in 2024 and he is a vocal anti-vaccine activist.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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