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Ice Cube Unleashes His Wrath on Twitter, He Refuted the “sellout” accusations

(GEMS RADIO)- Ice Cube had a meeting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently and later they took a photo together, which sparked a lot of criticism online. His critics were accusing him of selling out. However, he denied the accusations and emphasized the photo op wasn’t an endorsement. Ice Cube’s Controversial Photos He shared the problematic photos on Monday July 10. Twitter users had a hot discussion about how Robert […]

todayJuly 13, 2023


Chuck D Faces Backlash After His Polarizing Remarks On R Kelly’s Case

Monday’s court case against R Kelly has generated much buzz around the internet. The singer was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking charges at a Brooklyn federal court. Countless people have hopped on Twitter and other social platforms to express their views on the singer. One of them was Chuck D. But unlike other people, the rapper became a trending topic after expressing controversial views. He has since issued […]

todaySeptember 30, 2021