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Marvel comic covers inspired by Jay Z and Kanye |


Marvel comic covers inspired by Jay Z and Kanye Hip-hop and comic books have had a very close relationship over the decades, and once again, Marvel has taken that connection to another level with its ongoing series that transposes characters onto iconic rap album covers.

Kanye West Is Finally On Instagram


Kanye West has been an active Twitter user for years, but he’s one of the few major artists to not have an Instagram account. After  publicly announcing plans that he would be getting on the platform back in March, West has delivered on the promise today with the launch of  his verified @kanyewest account. One […]

Watch Joe Budden go 0 to 100 Real Quick As He Chases Trolls Down


A couple of numbnuts decided to run up on Joe Budden today at his house, they harassed him and posted it on Snapchat. Boy were they in for a surprise! Joey wasn’t having it. Joe Budden is as real as they come & so he did what any normal person would do: Chase them down […]