Kodak Black Slams a Fan for Capturing Him on Camera in the wake of PnB’s Murder

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(GEM RADIO)- Kodak Black lashes out at a fan for allegedly filming him while he was in his car. According to the rapper, the fan approached his car, recording him live on Instagram. This incident happened less than a week after PnB was shot and killed just after his girlfriend revealed their location.

In the video, Kodak is heard saying, “Check it out, man, and don’t record me. You on live, but you just put the phone to my car. Don’t do that.” The Florida rapper called out the fan after he denied filming him. “You lying to me. Come on, man, you don’t see that sh** that happened to PNB Rock, homie? So why are you recording me? God forbid some crazy sh**, then what.”

PnB Rock’s Murder

All these happened just days after star PnB Rock was gunned down while having lunch with his girlfriend. It was revealed that the girlfriend shared a post on Instagram with the location turned on and how the shooters knew their location. Many artists are refraining from sharing their online locations after his passing.

As previously reported by Gem Radio, Nicki Minaj was one of the famous people who criticized PnB’s girlfriend for disclosing their location. Kodak echoed Nicki’s tribute to the rapper in a later post. He wrote, “That h** might as well kill herself.” He received a lot of criticism from the public as a result of this particular statement.

Difficulty Retrieving PnB’s Body

A few days after the rapper was fatally shot, his family made it known that they were having trouble retrieving his body. Rock’s brother PnB Meen posted, “The state of Los Angeles claiming they have some type of law, going against our as Muslims. Now I have no clue when his Janazah. It’s not right, yo. It’s going on for a week. Prayers up. I got you, bro, and you daughters.”

According to the LAPD, the rapper’s body was ready to be released to the family on Friday, September 16. Additionally, they stated that the rapper’s girlfriend was helpful with the investigation and that she shouldn’t be held responsible.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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