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Did Soulja Boy get robbed and Chumped up On Instagram Live? What’s next?

soulja boy

Did Soulja Boy Just Get Jumped And Have His Phone Stolen On Instagram Live? This can’t be real, (Another  celeb stunt) Soulja Boy  just  lost his phone to someone tougher. In  a  video posted on his On a video posted on his Instagram it show him in the hood  with apporxamately 200k in jewelry around […]

Soulja Boy Start Beef With Chris Brown Over Karrueche’s IG

Soulja Boy & Chris Brown

Soulja Boy Start Beef With Chris Brown Over Karrueche’s Instagram Lets  start  by asking this  simple  question, is this another  celebrity stunt  to  stay relevant or is there any  real reason why Soulja Boy would pull such as  stunt? We all  know how sensitive  Chris is about  people pushing up on his ex-es. This time he […]

We thought the beef was over with Game and Meek

Meek beef

We all though that the beef with The Game and Meek  was over.Not so fast   guys! Wack 100 is  saying that the beef is still on. Not So Fast Rozay! Game’s Manager Says Beef With Meek Remains! As it shows   they still want beat his A##  Take a look at the tweet below.

Nicki Minaj Says Meek Mill’s Beefs Are Great


Meek Mill’s Beefs Are Great Nicki Minaj phoned into Hot 97‘s Ebro In The Morning recently to break her silence on Meek Mill’s recent string of beefs with other artists. She says she doesn’t get involved in the “rap battle” side of Meek’s music and that the recent situation is “pretty played out.”

The Game threatens Meek Mill


The Game and his new old friend 50 Cent have a lot in common, they both don’t care much for Meek Mill. In The Games words exactly “I just wanna beat that nig** ass one good time,” The Game told the crowd at Club Story in Miami last night. “Fu** Meek Mill, nig**, I’m Game, […]