According to Smooth B, Tupac Predicted he Would be Killed Before 25

todayApril 12, 2022

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(GEMS RADIO) – Hip Hop legend Smooth B has spoken about his friendship with Tupac and how the iconic rapper eerily predicted his death.

Speaking in an interview with Art of Dialogue, Smooth B revealed for the first time how Pac casually disclosed to him that he wouldn’t be making it past 25.

Tupac: I Won’t Be Around Long Enough to Have Kids

The 53-year-old rapper remembers staying at a hotel in West Hollywood when Pac visited him.

According to Smooth, 2Pac saw photos of his children around the room and said, “Is that your kids? Oh man Smooth, that’s beautiful. You a great father, man. These kids is lucky, man.”

To which Smooth replied, “You’ll make a great father.”

But 2Pac, who was 23 at the time, said,

“Nah, I ain’t gonna be no father. I ain’t gonna be around long enough to have no kids.”

In what seemed like a prophecy of his own fate, Tupac told Smooth B, “N-gga, I’m telling you. I ain’t gonna live past 25.”

Trying to convince him otherwise, Smooth interjected “Nah, it don’t go like that. Trust me. I used to feel the same way.”

According to Smooth, Pac looked him dead in the eye and said,

“Smooth, listen. I already seen it. I know how I’m gonna go out, n-gga.”

Premonitions of His Death in His Music

2Pac vocalized premonitions of dying young multiple times in his music.

In Only God can judge me, Pac raps,

“Flatline/I hear the doctor standing over me screamin’ I can make it/Got a body full of bullet holes layin’ here naked/Still I, can’t breathe, somethings evil in my IV/’Cause every time I breathe, I think they killin’ me.”

In ‘I Ain’t Mad at Cha’ which was filmed a month to his death, the music video shows the rapper getting shot several times after leaving an event (similar to what actually happened on the fateful day of September 7th 1997 when he left the MGM Arena). He then dies in an ambulance.

A month after the video, Tupac was shot in Las Vegas after leaving a Mike Tyson fight. He died 6 days later at the hospital. He was 25.


Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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